New Secret Phone Numbers for My Shops on Facebook

by gangsta
Published on: July 23, 2011
Categories: Mafia Wars Video
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Here is the link :
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  1. leaderazan98 says:

    @nina101119 Yo…… click on the link in the description !! or on the note in the video……

  2. nina101119 says:

    they are fasle

  3. leaderazan98 says:

    @PopPrincess921 The new video has been uploaded

  4. leaderazan98 says:

    @PopPrincess921 Yes…. they have been updated and i will post the video in half an hour or so….. pls remove your unlike and like it and subscribe if i post the video…. :D

  5. leaderazan98 says:

    @PopPrincess921 Really ??

  6. PopPrincess921 says:

    Non of them work on mine? D:

  7. leaderazan98 says:

    @kittykittycat626 Nytime !! Subscribe please !

  8. kittykittycat626 says:

    thanks so much!! I was only missing 6489156 and couldnt find it lol

  9. leaderazan98 says:

    @BGMaster1000 Ummm….. ok then i’ll try to give you da’ link… :D

  10. BGMaster1000 says:

    @leaderazan98 well, I care, I must find it

  11. leaderazan98 says:

    @mauvvy It was in a Forum!!

  12. mauvvy says:

    where did you find 7894562?

  13. leaderazan98 says:

    @Junjie890 Nytime!! :D

  14. Junjie890 says:


  15. leaderazan98 says:

    @xBUNNYbunbunx Yea” :D ….

  16. xBUNNYbunbunx says:

    @BGMaster1000 the number is in the picture..”CALL 747″ is 2255747

  17. leaderazan98 says:

    @BGMaster1000 yea i woe one to him,,,,, :D even i couldnt find it in the pic… but who cares…… (Subscribe please)

  18. BGMaster1000 says:

    hehe so many answers, I now have all the nunbers thx to the answers and the person who found the last nunber (7894562) in a forum, but I couldn’t find it on the picture, so, where the hell is it?

  19. KaI2KId88 says:

    @BGMaster1000 just CALL-747

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